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Description of Pico Tanks:

Pico Tanks is a high-octane 3v3 tank brawler with a heavy emphasis on teamwork.
Create your own one-of-a-kind tank with thousands of different gameplay-altering combinations. Gather your mates and play in epic 3v3 battles on a variety of maps and game modes! In this team-focused real-time PvP fighting arena, communicate with your teammates and defeat your opponents to claim victory.

Pico Tanks is a fun MOBA 3v3 game with a lot of stuff for players to relax or entertain with their friends. The units are tanks instead of living characters. As a result, complex elements common in other games will not appear, instead focusing on the players' simplicity and enjoyment. 


Brawl with friends in fast-paced action or be paired with other players of similar rank. With multiple modes available, go head-to-head in intense real-time 3v3 battles:

● Hold the Flag: Your team needs to capture the flag and hold onto it for the longest before time is up.
● Fetch the Cargo: One mighty tank in your team must grab the cargo before your opponents do and drag it to your base while the rest of the team defends.
● Team Deathmatch: Destroy the enemy tanks to score points for your team and win the battle.

Multiple game modes will be added, with an average match length and speed of 1-3 minutes, but enough to offer plenty of exciting action moments. More exciting activities for players to learn skills or earn extra prizes, such as challenges or hot events, will be added in the game.

Multiplayer Mayhem V44.2.0

Attack your enemies, heal your allies, hide in the bushes, herd some sheep! Many more game modes will be added in future updates.


Design tanks to suit your style and team’s tactics. You can also swap tanks during battle to your advantage. Get crazy and creative designing your own tanks with oodles of customizations!
● Satisfying Weapons: Choose a weapon to suit your play-style. Like long range? Perhaps the Bullseye is perfect for you. Prefer short range to get up close and personal? Try the Spud-Gun (it shoots the freshest potatoes).
● Load Up or Load Light: Choose a tank base with the stats you need to suit your weapon of choice. The more armored, the more abilities you can carry, or go light to zip through the battlefield.

● Power Ups: Abilities are where it’s at. Deploy an airstrike to finish an opponent, or throw a repair pack at your friends. These can really decide a game!
● Personalize Your Look: Your tank deserves only the best in skins and toppers. Customize your tank with some character and expression. Tear up the battlefield with a Pizza skin and Rubber Ducky antenna topper, we won’t judge. Go crazy, show off, look awesome!

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When the smoke has cleared, meet up with your team and adjust strategies to refine your skills. Upgrade your tanks, climb the leaderboards, and engage in a dynamic community. Unlock skins and toppers as you progress. Collect Research to upgrade your tank bases, weapons and abilities. New features, game modes, maps and items will be added in future updates!

Download Pico Tanks now for free and we will see you amongst the mayhem!

Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem is free to download and play, but contains optional in-app purchases for some items using real money.

Awards and Recognition

● Winner - Gamer's Voice Award for Mobile Gaming, SXSW Gaming 2021
● Finalist - Indie Prize Showcase, Casual Connect Europe 2021

The game's gameplay is diverse and in-depth, ensuring that the player has the best time possible with the adorable tank tanks. Pico Tanks helps players to fine-tune their fighting skills with ease thanks to its adjustable controls and fine-tuning. The game will use a dual-joystick control system for improved accuracy, and players will be able to perform magic shots. 

Pico Tanks New mod apk multi player

If the player simply taps the fire joystick, the game will automatically target and shoot the nearest opponent. The game's control system is user-friendly and adaptable, making it ideal for a wide range of players and playing styles. 

Even the special ability system is straightforward, enabling the player to quickly launch a barrage of shells at enemies.


-> EASTER EVENT - Win EXCLUSIVE REWARDS by earning Stars, a new way to progress!
-> NEW 3v3 GAME MODE - Battle for power in Control The Point.
-> WOODLAND WARFARE MAP- Control the point and and win to launch the nuke.
-> DIVISION 16 - Earn additional points to stay in Division 16 longer.

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