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Blade of God mod apk

Description of Blade of God:

Blade of God is a hardcore 3D action mobile game. It uses multi-camera system to immersive gameplay and fascinating storyline. And its battle system includes QTE, perfect deflection, throwing, mounting monsters, transformation, spirit summoning, and combos combined by light and heavy attacks, which provide players console gaming experience.

The in-game world is based on the Norse Mythology. You will play as Chaos, a hero who possesses mysterious bloodline. To save your family, you'll have to make tough choices between sin and punishment, between survival and destruction, and between carnage and redemption.

Game Info:

>> Hardcore System and Exciting Gameplay

1. Multi-camera with a series of lens effects, including screen shaking, blood splashing and motion blur, bringing players fascinating and immersive game experience.
2. Exciting QTE and finishing moves like in console action games, providing players with intense pleasure in battle.
3. Refreshing battle system with various hardcore elements, including combos with light and heavy attacks, throwing enemies, mounting monsters, transforming into a werewolf, perfect deflection, serial dodging, perfect dodging, and etc.
4. Over 50 different scenes and almost 100 gigantic monsters and Nordic gods. Players can capture the gods' souls and summon their power in battle.

PG Soul Games

Mythological World with Fascinating Storyline

1. The in-game world is based on the Norse Mythology.

2. Ymir the Original created the universe, in which the Three Realms and the Nine Worlds are held. The legendary story happens among Odin the Grand Creator, Thor the Lord of Gods, Loki the Fallen One and his four Celestborns.

3. The story begins 1,000 years after the Battle for Asgard. You will play as Chaos, a hero who possesses mysterious bloodline. Together with your guardian spirit Heimdall, you'll fight against war golems and fallen gods, experiencing the desperate power gap between the deities and the mortals. 

During the adventure, you will meet Esther, the High Starry Priestess. To save your family, you'll have to encounter Jormungandr, Bragi, Jarl as well as other legendary characters and choose your path.

4. To save your family, you'll have to make tough choices between sin and punishment, between survival and destruction, and between carnage and redemption.

Blade of God by PG Soul Games

As should be obvious, BLADE OF GOD is created on 3D illustrations stage, with incredibly excellent plans. As a matter of first importance, there is no compelling reason to remark on the plan of the view, articles, and characters, the shading part is excessively astounding. 

The plan group was extremely refined in picking tones, making a secretive, dim space, intermixing with perils. With respect to the landscape and the characters, they are planned in an exemplary style, carrying legends to beasts, for example, goliath arachnids, fire mythical serpents, beasts and 3 heads of 6 hands, … . new, yet the introduction of BLADE OF GOD is a slap making torment a similar type of JRPG games, as it is a superior decision for players. 

Briefly let go of the weariness and let them rest, and you go into this game and execute the furious beasts all over the place.

Notwithstanding class plan, the character is likewise planned framework level and traits. Throughout the battling and performing missions, the character naturally assimilates experience focuses to step up, while opening new guides and new highlights and making ready for character improvement. 

From that point, you can utilize outside things like shield or weapons, open new abilities and overhaul them to improve characteristic focuses: Attack, Defense, Crit, Speed. This interaction is inescapable, albeit the contents have been inherent development most rely upon the customization of the player. 

In the event that need to beat risky Dungeons or win a fight when battling incredible managers, the character should be met as far as strength and expertise.

Features of Blade of God

Features of Blade of God:

1. Pick your claim to fame between Clash, Archery, and Spells and attempt special blends of the upgraded Multilayer System. 

2. Update your character and learn incredible new capacities utilizing three distinctive expertise trees. 

3. Overhaul characters, redo qualities and ability focuses. 

4. Open in excess of 45 exceptional abilities. 

5. Browse three unique majors. 

6. Make exceptional assortments utilizing multi-class frameworks. 

7. Kill crowds of beasts or wager gold on players to discover more grounded things and lift your stuff through updates and implantation frameworks. 

8. Enhance your gadgets with in excess of 8 diverse upgradeable pearls. 

9. Find more than 200 diverse uncommon things (General, Magic, Rare, Legendary). 

10. Prepare a novel power from amazing incredible things.

11. Framework move up to expand component strength. 

12. Addition two amazing things to make incredible new ones.

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