Hey Guys, In This Post I'm Sharing with you NewPipe Mod App With Additional Features V0.19.8 Free For Android.

In the event that Offers Original YouTube Experience on your Smartphone without Annoying Ads, Download Video Option, Dark Themes, and Much More. You Can Also Download Application From Github.

Download This  NewPipe Apk with multiple features Just Scroll Drown Download Link Available so can easily Download with 1 tap Without Any Issue.

NewPipe Youtube

NewPipe is free and open-source:

Your advantages

- Quick help when you have a problem (nobody's ever had one)
- Dozens of people bring NewPipe forward and translate it into 73 languages.
- You can check the source code on GitHub and contribute to NewPipe.
- NewPipe is covered by the GPL 3.0 license.
- Get NewPipe from F-Droid and discover more FOSS apps.
- NewPipe is available for free
- Fast youtube player
- No Ads
- Youtube Background Music Play Easily
- Light Weight Apk
- Ultra data saver app
- Youtube background play
- Download latest videos
- Youtube alternative app

NewPipe - the smart streaming solution

NewPipe information

Listen to your favorite music while using other apps:

✔️ Play in background
✔️ Pro tip: close NewPipe to save RAM and battery
✔️ Create playlists for an endless music experience
✔️ Save mobile data volume (we only download the audio)

Play in background

Extended Privacy

We protect your privacy

✔️  No proprietary Google APIs
✔️ Only send information which are required to get video and channel details
✔️ Decide what information we keep
✔️ We store everything offline on your device



Fix extraction of YouTube's decryption function.


Enable auto-play for all services (and not only for YouTube)


Disable shrinkResources in release build (for reproducible builds)

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