Yandex Music Mod Apk (V2020.05.1) + Plus Subscriptions Unlocked With No Ads

Hey Guys, In This Post I''m Sharing Yandex Music Mod Apk (V2020.05.1) + Plus Subscriptions Unlocked With No Ads For Free.

Yandex Music has Published From Russia. More than 10,000,000+ Downloads From Playstore. You Can Also Download Non-Mod Application From Playstore. This App very popular for music listening. The First and Easiest thing is to use Russian Images to Make this Application, All of them Adjusted in This Language.

More Than 20 Million+ Tracks Available In This Platform With All Categories Rock, Jazz to Classical and Hip-hop etc.

Yandex Music Mod Apk (V2020.05.1) + Plus Subscriptions Unlocked With No Ads

Discover what's new and amazing in Yandex Music!

❶ Tens of millions of tracks
❷ Curated selections for any occasion
❸ Hot new albums and singles
❹ New personalized recommendations daily
❺ HQ sound
❻ Create and share playlists of your favorite tracks
❼ Play music with or without an internet connection
❽ Song Recognition

Yandex Music Mod Apk (V2020.05.1) + Plus Subscriptions Unlocked With No Ads

Yandex Music truly has an incredibly easy to use interface since its plan is practically indistinguishable from well-known applications today. You can see that all applications are arranged and shown like Spotify. Once being used, you will see a few contrasts, for example, the standard backdrop and the primary highlights organized in better places.

In any case, for the individuals who utilize the application to tune in to music routinely, the customization won't cause an excessive amount of difficulty for them. They just burden the music they like into the application and afterwards let it race to appreciate it. In any case, on the off chance that you despite everything need to learn, it is very straightforward, simply proper in concealed envelopes as it were. A run of the mill client likewise has the ability to discover.


Yandex Music Mod Apk (V2020.05.1) + Plus Subscriptions Unlocked With No Ads

Playlists of what’s new and hot

Listen to Premieres – new music, selected by a neural network according to your tastes, Hype – tracks that will be playing everywhere tomorrow,the most highly anticipated tracks in New This Month, and genre-specific playlists that collect the most iconic tracks of a given genre.

Smart playlists

Take advantage of a few hours of free music compiled for you with our smart playlists. Playlists are automatically improved according to your preferences.


An auto-updated list of the songs that Yandex Music users are listening to right now

Moods and genres

An updated section of curated selections: songs by style and year, tracks for different activities and moods, weekdays and celebrations.

Countless podcast topics

Take a break from music! Search the Yandex Music app and find the podcasts that suit your interests. Listen at a normal pace or speed things up to save time. The app remembers where you paused, so you can continue listening whenever you feel like it. Podcasts are a smarter, more convenient way of learning. Tune in and enjoy!

Download tracks to your phone and listen to music when you’re offline

Subscribe and get access to the entire Yandex Music catalog. Download tracks or whole albums to your phone and play them any time, regardless of whether you have an internet connection.

High quality sound

Hear the difference --turn on HQ mode. Play and download music with a higher bitrate.

Tune in to Premieres – new music, chosen by a neural system as per your preferences. Likewise, publicity – tracks that will play wherever tomorrow, the most exceptionally foreseen tracks in New This Month, and type explicit playlists that gather the most famous tracks of a given kind. At last, exploit a couple of long periods of free music ordered for you with our savvy playlists.


Languages: be, en, ru, uk
Platforms: arm7, x86
Plus subscription unlocked.
Optimized the entire graphics, cut the starting promo video
PLUS unlocked: high quality, no ads, offline
Added the ability to rewind the track in the radio
The ability to rewind the track has been restored.
Modification is untied from Google Services
Implemented root bypass check through Yandex Metric
Optimized manifest to improve performance and reduce energy consumption
Blocked collecting and sending analytics, thoroughly
Signature changed.

This app has no ads.


Liven up your music app by installing this update. Changes include:

- Short descriptions for podcasts to make it easier to choose what to listen to while cleaning or running errands.
- New tracks from your favourite artists in the Premiere playlist. Now's as good a time as ever to find your inner music critic and rate them.

The housebound Yandex Music team

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