Fast, Simply and Beautifully,
This app tells you your AirPods battery data.

- Shows a 'battery popup' when the AirPods is connected.
- If in the locked nation, maintains a 'battery notification' for 1 min.

Extended feature:
-  [Official version] Beautiful popup animation
- [Official version] Notification widget: Shows battery facts usually on the notification region.
-  Dark subject: Dark popup/widget for customers the usage of Dark subject on Phone.
- Wearing detection: Pauses gambling media through AirPods's sporting detection.
- [Official version] Read caller: Reads the caller of an incoming call to AirPods.
- [Official version] Assistive Listen: Helps your hearing a person talking who's near or in another location.

Additional information:

- AirBuds names can be changed inside the BT system settings.
- To get right of entry to nearby AirPods 'BLE Beacon' sign, this app calls for the 'vicinity' permission.
"On some cellphone devices, the gadget region provider have to grow to become one."
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